Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skateboard Season is Here!

My friend and I went skating last night. People have no idea how long it takes to get one trick.

This ledge is weird and fun. It is actually a bank on the other side. I wanted to shoot this from a more "normal" perspective, but small features look great with a fisheye lens. Do what ya gotta.

There is a giant hole right in the landing of this spot. So thanks to a good friend for unknowingly hooking up the metal sign. He's all sentimental with it, but if we didn't have it, this would have never happened.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up, Up, and away...

Broke my helicopter virginity. Blows the mind what you can do with yourself...and a small, very expensive and sensitive piece of machinery.

FYI: This trip was just part of the training process for potential pilots. If you can get accepted, have the financial backing, and the balls, flying helicopters and planes is possible... Wow! Thanks Tarek!

Blog v. Dylan Hart, Round One.


I created this blog because everyone else is doing it. Actually I am publishing this blog because I have so many images that deserve some purpose other than filling up external hard drives.

I like how images can tell us and others of how life was at that present moment. Interestingly enough on the inverse, photographs can also deceive us through lack of context, or use of visual illusions.

All in all, taking photographs has allowed me to document the world around me, creating a collective story of all of the trials and tribulations on this planet. While providing me with new information and a wide variety of perspectives, it has also greatly enhanced the quality of my life and those around me.

Thanks for visiting,

Dylan Hart Photography.

P.S. Please come back soon and check out new stories, pictures, and ideas that I am cooking up in the kitchen.